It has brought me so much joy to meet, work with, and get to know my clients over the years. Here are some of the kind words they've been so gracious to share!

Oh my gosh 😭 These are amazing! I cannot wait to order prints & get them up in our house! Love love love. Thank you so much Annie 🖤🖤

- Dori

Oh my gosh Annie! I thought the pictures turned out fantastic!! I sat here and looked at them with a big smile and tears in my eyes! You were able to capture the energy, sweetness, fun, beauty and drama of Jordyn :-) I am very pleased!! And thank you for having them done so quickly...I wasn't expecting that. The grandmas will just love these pictures for Mother's Day. Thanks again for everything Annie. You are wonderful at your job and just a nice person!!

- Melissa

Not only are the pictures amazing (and we will cherish them forever) but it felt so great and comforting to spend the afternoon with Annie during that stressful time after Max's birth... Thank you again.


Words cannot express how much Annie has done for my family (personally) and myself (professionally) these past few years. She came over right before we moved this summer and spent her morning documenting a day in our life. Oh how she captured it! Silly faces, eating just the icing off cookies, climbing on and getting into everything, non-stop dress-up, wrestling with daddy, being naughty and sweet, reading books, nap time routines... she got it all. I am so thankful to have this video to look back on our time in our old house and also when Lei (the dog) was still with us... Thanks again, Annie!!!

- Kristi

I just finished looking at the pictures. If I could, I would HUG you really tight right now. You captured our day so beautifully with your art work. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I have never been comfortable with pictures of myself but you captured the beauty of the day and the joy in my heart. I feel so blessed right now that you were with us on our day. Again, Annie - a super BIG Hug and an even bigger Thank You. I would love to work with you again someday for any of our special moments.


All I can say is WOW!! I LOVE THEM! I pulled them up during lunch and was just floored! I have not had time to go through every one yet - but have already figured out some of my favorites. You do such an amazing job! I have showed every person that has walked in my classroom!! Thanks again! And thank you for getting them to us so fast!


Hi Annie, We're visiting my family this weekend and just showed the slide show [of photos] to my parents ... had to share with you that they absolutely loved it. In my Dad's words, "they are so talented" followed by my mom, "and, they're such nice people too." I could not have said it better myself! Thank you, thank you.


Hi Annie! The album came on Wednesday – it looks so good! I gave it to him yesterday and I think first he was shocked that I did it and then he wouldn’t stop looking at it and said that he loves it! I guess that’s a good response! Thank you so much for everything, the album looked absolutely wonderful and it’s something he’ll always have. Thanks Again!!!


Thanks Annie!! You and Toby are the best... I haven't made it through all of them yet, but the pictures look amazing!!


Annie, I don't even know how to thank you! They are awesome.. I loved the ones laying in the grass! I had so much fun with you, and I am so happy with them! Thanks so much!


AWESOME!! Work was complimented highly.


I just wanted to let you know that the DVDs arrived! We're totally stoked! I've started to get them into the computer, and I'm absolutely thrilled with all the great moments that you guys captured. Thanks so much.


I signed on specifically to tell you I was about to make another attempt at Emma, and saw our photos. They are absolutely perfect! Thank you so much! And your introduction made me get a lil' teary eyed. I just can't seem to say thank you enough! We will definitely be contacting you for more sessions.


Annie - You're a genius! Seriously, I don't know how you did it, but you caught some gorgeous photos of the kids. I was soooo happy with the ones of Maya, especially, because of her mood! Thank you soooo much. I can't wait for the next session!!


Annie & Toby, We still can't believe how lucky we were to work with you. Thank you for the gorgeous images of our special day and for being such generous and kind-hearted people. All the best to you guys, and thanks again! :)


Not only are their pictures to die for, but they are the kindest and easiest people to work with. I felt so comfortable having them there, and they were such a stress-reliever. I knew I didn't have to worry about a thing. I highly recommend them.