My Style:

Let people be people.

For me, photography is a very informal experience. I'm a big believer that a relaxed, accepting atmosphere is essential for people to be most comfortable. So many people have anxiety about being photographed and I know as well as anyone that anxiety doesn't make for a fun photo session. Instead of letting that tension snowball, I aim to make every session as fun and laid-back as possible. Sessions full of talking and laughter create more space for my subjects, no matter their age, to take a deep breath and just let their personalities shine.

I love chatting and connecting with people whether that means talking to a couple about their new little one, chasing a toddler around while he tells me about his favorite Disney character, or geeking out with a senior as we talk about how much we both love writing or how math as a universal language is fascinating. Talking about the things that make people happy (or even just a silly face that will make a toddler explode with laughter) is a great way to bring out their heart and love for each other in front of my lens. Once those emotions are blooming in front me, my photojournalistic style allows me to capture those natural moments. Often my clients have said to me that my sessions feel more like a visit with a friend that brings her camera than a photography session. That makes me so happy because it's how I feel, too.

Combine my chill way of handling things with my 15+ years of experience, well-timed natural light, and authentic moments of laughter, love, and personality, and I'm able to create photographs that you'll love from the first time you see them until long after you pull them out to show your grandkids.

The bonus to all of this is that over the years I get to watch families grow. As clients come back each year, I get to hear all about every Halloween costume and birthday party. I get to hear the teenager who used to tell me all about cars as a toddler, tell me all about learning to drive. I have seen so many families expand and change and I hope I get to continue to document as those same families continue to grow until there is a whole new generation to photograph. There is so much beauty to capture as life unfolds.

Life unfolding naturally... people just being people. This is not just how I do what I do, but also why I do what I do. It is an immense privilege to witness the lovely humans I've connected with over the years. I can't wait to connect with you, too.