A Deep Breath :: Part II

Part of taking a deep breath (and a break from blogging) has been getting totally caught up on editing, organizing, and backing up our personal pictures. I am SO CLOSE to being finished! It’s so hard to keep going through our latest photos without sharing any… So here’s a bunch from the last couple days that I stopped playing long enough to grab the camera.:)


I am so glad I got these pictures of my kiddos and me! I don’t do it nearly enough and I really want Emma and Noah to be able to look back and see how much fun we had together!


I know that a fisheye lens is anything but forgiving… but I love this anyway! How cute is it that he’s got his lips puckered for a kiss on the cheek?:)

So cute!

Emma hardly ever consents to taking a picture with me, so I was super excited when she sat down for this one!

She’s so adorable!

We built a snowman… The snow wasn’t very wet, so we had some trouble. Loved watching them try, though!

Meet Frosty!

They were talking to him… Asking him what he wanted to do today. *melt*

Then they danced around him like the kids in Frosty the Snowman.:)

They finally let me snap this one!

These toes are so much bigger than the last time I photographed them!:(Where has my baby boy gone?

So Noah!

I have so many pictures of Emma talking, but not nearly as many of Noah doing it. Love this one!


Typical picture… Kid A smiling while Kid B has offered only his/her toes… And they’re in Kid A’s face.:)

Me and my little guy…

Check out the shoes on those toys!;)

We played under Emma’s comforter for a few minutes… So happy with how these turned out!

I don’t take many like this, but I was playing peek-a-boo with Noah and had to take a picture when he made this face!

One of my favorite times to photograph the kids is right before their nap… Beautiful light and they’re a little less hyper than normal. Plus they love delaying naptime – shocking.:)

This series was so much fun! Emma was trying to duck under the camera and I ended up with some really energetic shots that really capture the vibrant spirit of my little girl!!!

These were test shots, but I love them anyway.

So sweet…

Every time they read together it makes me melt… I am so grateful that they love each other the way that they do!

So Noah!

One of my favorites… Oh how I love my sweet, sweet boy.


My beautiful little girl…

Can you say “attitude”?! We are so in trouble!!!

A Deep Breath

I’ve been pretty MIA lately as far as blogging goes… I do miss it (in fact, I think my mind sometimes thinks in blog post form:)), but I’ve taken most of January to take a deep breath and just have some time with Toby and the kids. I’ll be back to the regular swing of things soon. Until then, here’s a few from about a week ago! As I was looking at the bunch of personal photos that I still need to finish editing, these three black and whites stood out and I wanted to share them.:)

- Annie

The Little Things

Toby and I played in the snow with the kids yesterday and despite the running around, I managed to take a few shots. I went through these photos last night and as I was processing them, I kept trying to think of something to write when I blogged them… well, more than just “I love my kids… times a million”. All of today I’ve been thinking of what words would really be best to explain how amazing every moment with them is. Here’s what I came up with:

Today I taught Emma to play Go Fish – Noah too (kind of).

If you’ve ever been a mom to a toddler, you know that’s enough. The little things are more than enough.:)

I am so blessed.

- Annie

Emma’s #1 priority was throwing snowballs. Guess who she takes after…

Love this!!!

My favorite of Emma. Oh, how I love my sweet girl.

Toby was throwing snow… Love this.

I know Noah’s running away in this one, but I melted when I took this. I can just see his whole face lit up even though it’s just his profile.

One of my favorites… Adorable.