Sometimes I just get caught up in how much I love him.

How much love there is in our family.

And how I got so lucky…

Ten Minutes for Me

So basically, this is how I’ve been feeling lately:

Our main computer – my main computer – crashed when we got back from Vegas and life has been a fiasco ever since. Toby and I were sick, the kids were sick, I finally launched my new venture, Apple still has my computer, and to top it off, Emma came home with Buddy Bear on Tuesday. Buddy Bear visits each kid in her class and needs a journal entry and some photos to go back to school with him.


But honestly, it was. I loved being a part of something so exciting for Emma. Even though it’s 2:30am and I just finished writing out the general goings-on of Buddy Bear’s last 48 hours, I’m happy. And I figured that if Buddy Bear gets 10 minutes of my time for his journal entry, I deserve at least the same for one of my own.

Sometimes the sweetness of life is just that simple. I love being a mom.

- Annie


We were gone for 8 days. And it seemed like forever.

Now we’re home and both Toby and I are sick… but I’m trying my best to concentrate on the beautiful little people that I’ve missed so much. I got our camera out for the first time in a while and took a few shots while we were playing yesterday. Here are my favorites.

- Annie

p.s. If you have a minute, send a prayer of healing our way. I have a cold/cough/sinus infection and Toby has the flu. It’s killing me to see Toby so sick and I’m afraid the kids will be next.:(

I feel like Noah grew a TON while we were gone! And oh goodness I missed that laugh!!!

And that smile…:)

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this smile!!! Love!

I’m in love with this one… Noah was pretending to be a shark. He was chasing Emma who was apparently a stingray. Oh how I treasure moments like these.