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01.22.12 – 02.02.12

01.22.12 – Up All Night 01.23.12 – 5 Minute Portraits 01.24.12 – A (Sick) Day with my Sweet Boy 01.25.12 – Sick Day 01.26.12 – Playing Before Bed 01.27.12 – Lunchtime 01.28.12 – Beth + Andrew 01.29.12 – “But it’s too big!” 01.30.12 – Games After Noah pinched his fingers between their chairs… 01.31.12 –...

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One Last Shot

So yesterday I took my very last picture with our Canon system… We are officially 100% switched over to Nikon and I’m so ridiculously excited!!!! Why, you ask? Four words: We love sharp pictures. Canon just wasn’t delivering them consistently. While I know there are plenty of photographers out there who use and love Canon’s...

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101 in 1001 :: An Update

Since the kids have been sick, I’ve been sticking to small projects that can be done in 5 minute here and there rather than trying to tackle things like editing that require my full attention… Yesterday was a hard day for Noah and as I sat by his side for a good chunk of the...

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