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02.03.12 – 02.13.12

I’m way behind on posting my 366 images… I knew this would happen which is why I made my goal taking a picture a day, not posting a picture a day.Here’s the next group of pictures! – Annie 02.03.12 – Conversations 02.04.12 – Pretend 02.05.12 – Family All the photos of me were taken by...

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Eight Minutes with Emma

For my photo of the day today, I spent eight minutes with Emma before her nap. We have so much fun playing together. I am so blessed to have her as my sweet little girl. More 366 photos below as well. – Annie 01.05.12 – Eight minutes with Emma… Here are some from the last...

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Merry Christmas!

2011 has been a good year for us! (A SUPER busy one for sure, but definitely good!) Sure, we’ve had our rough patches – most of which have come since Thanksgiving. Usually when I try to recount the year, I get inspired and can write a lot. This year, I just keep remembering last year’s...

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