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The Power of Dreams

I was driving home from the hospital last night and I happened to catch Air1‘s Martin Luther King Jr. mix of The City Harmonic’s “I Have A Dream (If Feels Like Home)”. As I listened, I cried. I was struck with the power of dreaming. Not just what you can accomplish by dreaming, but what...

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My Little Singer

It started as a fun way to get the kids to record their singing. I’ve done a little recording at home (totally amateur stuff although I’d love to record for real someday) so I have a nice microphone and I’m pretty familiar with the software that I use to mix all slideshow soundtracks. The kids...

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Good Friday Thoughts

After twenty-seven years of celebrating His passion, it still gets to me. I remember as a kid, I would sing “Were You There” and get stumped by the line – “sometimes it causes me to tremble”… I just didn’t understand. But now it’s different. Now I think of letting them hand over my son, beat...

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