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There’s been a lot of loss around lately… One of our grooms from 2009 passed away this past Saturday. Jen Berry lost her husband to Hodgkins earlier this month. Natalie Norton‘s sweet Gavin would have been three yesterday. It weighs on me – their loss. All such good people… In the last week I’ve cried...

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My Daddy, My Hero

I’ve looked up to my dad my whole life. He’s consistently taught me things that range from fishing to parenting, listened, held me when I needed to cry, encouraged me to follow my dreams, compared cancer stories, and will always be one of the best examples of faith, family, and love that I will ever...

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An Update

I went in this afternoon for the results of last weeks scan and everything looks great!!! No more scans for another year! Thank you, God… I can’t wait to spend this year loving life and not worrying about cancer. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and good thoughts! Love, Annie Here’s a photo...

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